David Scott Cunningham, B.Sc.




Jade Internet (USA) / Digitalock
Vancouver, BC / Great Falls, MT / Huntsville, AL

Technology Lead, Application Developer and Server/Network Engineer.

Development and deployment of SaaS multiprotocol Alert systems; emphasis on privacy.

Design and operation of continuous-deployment systems.

Specification and operation of hybrid-cloud infrastructures.

Jade Internet (Canada) / Shinnova Digital
Vancouver, BC

Technology Lead, Application Developer and Server/Network Engineer.

Design and deployment of SaaS applications, including:

  • Tools for streamlined integration of html/css with multi-3GL script/cgi with multi-brand SQL/noSQL db-engines.
  • Custom tools for streamlining rendition of sites into polyglot english, kanji, katakana, hirigana, and romanji.
  • Interpreter pre-processors incorporating blocks of muli-3GL script into polylocalized standalone and CMS pages.
  • Finite autonomous state machines; VoIP, VR, S2T, T2S, internet-telephony integration.
  • Inter-Ministerial data integration and facilitation of Ottawa compliance to Kyoto Accord.
Design, deployment and management of physical infrastructures for large and small operations.

Operations and Project Management; teams of software-developers and data-centre operators. Interviews, hiring, supervision, and terminations.

Authored Intellectual Property component of Chicago/Detroit financed IPO.

TRIUMF - Canada's national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics.
Vancouver, BC

Developer and Server/Network Engineer.

Maintened particle physics pure research infrustructure for data collection and analysis, including:

  • Installation and configuration of detector and data analysis servers, workstations, routers, switches, bridges, and hubs.
  • Topological organization and maintenance of Class-B address space.
  • Muli-protocol WAN; BITnet, HEPnet, and INTERnet, on combinations of synchronous/asynchronous copper and fiber.
  • Team core member pulling primary Internet backbone into British Columbia.
  • Assisted installation and testing of primary CERN httpd servers, and composition of earliest html in Canada.
  • Integration facilitator for incorporation of east-Europe networking into the Internet following Soviet collapse via collaberation through Moscow Nuclear Research Institute.
  • Authored global High Energy Physics Network technical security documents.

Edmonton, AB


Gathered specifications and wrote financial software, including systems for banks chartered in the US, and US-dollar financial instruments for Canadians.




Statistics: Orthogonal factor analysis, chi squares, linear and polynomial regressions.


Custom cloud-based inventory management and POS systems.


2GL embedded robotics and sound synthesis.




DevOps Developer Analyst C/C++ Java PHP HTML CSS CMS RDBMS SQL mySQL postGres Oracle NoSQL DB2 Java JavaScript J2ee Apache Linux Red Hat Debian Ubuntu Windows Mac Servers Workstations Desktop VMWare Cloud VOIP VPN SMTP POP IMAP Sieve SNMP RIP IGRP GRE Ethernet WiFi fiber-optic OTDR DNS exim4 dovecot MTA hubs switches routers Cisco Support Architect Harris MCO NEXIO NXOS IconMaster Leitch VMS DCL RAID SCSI BSD openBSD embedded firmware statistics analysis linear-algebra data-modeling data-mining chemistry biochemistry genetics environment ecology management administration IPO continuous-deployment release-management QA Support system/network-monitoring alerts